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Your Business Has Unique Web Marketing Needs. We Offer An Individualized Solution To Capture More Customers Online. Let Us Customize Your Customer Acquisitions Strategy Today.

The three pillars we focus on are Paid, Earned, and Conversion. Optimizing these three areas would ensure your online success.  


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A key goal for every company is to build a continuous source of leads, a channel of customers to generate sales from. Let’s call it a lead machine. Here at SL Ecommerce, our focus is to work with your company to build a lead machine. A lead machine that would provide your company a good flow of customers at low acquisition cost overtime. It may not be your only source for customers, but perhaps a large percentage of your overall revenues.


Approach To Online Customer Acquisitions.


The common thinking for most companies is to buy leads and traffic. This month to month exchange strategy is very short-term. This strategy would not allow your company to take advantage of the upswing when demands are high. Though buying leads and traffic are important in acquiring customers, it should be supplementary or as needed only.


Our approach at SL Ecommerce to building your lead machine is to focus and refine three areas we find most important: Paid, Earned, and Conversion. Paid are performances your can purchase, i.e. leads, PPC, etc. Earned performance is your organic traffic, as in natural fans and followers. Lastly, Conversion looks at once the consumers discovered your business, how to get them to become a possible sale. This is very much a long-term strategy. Nearly all success companies view their online customer acquisitions strategy this way.


Contact us today. Let’s talk. See if what we present makes sense.




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