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Hooman Nissani Branding PPC Services.

SL Ecommerce

Tony Ly

1330 Blossom St.

Glendale, CA 91201


Tax ID: EIN: 27-2421321

+1 213-321-3843•

Bill to:

Hooman Nissani

6900 S Centinela Ave,

Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 915-0303

Items and Services:

Online Image Branding Services

​Paid Traffic: Google Search PPC

-Includes Management Fee 35%

1 x$1100.00


Total                                                          $1,100.00


Note to customer:

Services and maybe rotated and replace as needed of equal value.

For questions or comments:


SL Ecommerce
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Cancellation and Refund:

Service and payment are month to month. This agreement may be canceled by the payee anytime by providing Supports a written notice to cancel or phone confirmation a minimal of 12 days in advance of the billing date. There is no refund once billing is processed. Billing cycle commences on date payment received.

Any account created or content generated becomes the property of the client.


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