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Local Keyword Research

                        Generate a master keyword list for local optimization

                        Delivery: 1st month

            Contact Landing Page

                        Create, design and implement converting landing page


                                    One-page localized SEO content

                                    Geo Sitemap and formatting 

                        Delivery:  By 2nd month

Business Profiles

            Create and/or Optimize: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare,  Bing

            Client verification participation required.

            Delivery:  By 2nd month

Business Listing And Citations

            Distribution business data to local sites, directories and applications

            Up to ~150 citations

            Generate citation report

                        Delivery: 25 citations per month

Mobile Landing

            Landing page configured for mobile(if website is not mobile ready)

            Delivery:  By 2nd month

Comment: Minimal of 3 months, no longer than 6 months. This is a crucial service for any local business. Automotive mobile website with full inventory add $200 per month.

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