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PPC - Paid Website Traffic

The advantage to PPC, also known as SEM or paid website traffic are: paid only for the clicks gained, fast ramp up, greater targeting, and predictable results. The disadvantages for PPC are: the ever rising cost, no long-term residual returns, does not capitalize on upswings.

Given the understands of PPC, it is important to develop a strategy that minimizes waste and target high conversion customers. Here are some targeting factors that can be deployed for Automotive clients.

-Protect name

-Brand search

-Model search

-Used and CPO searches

-Target by city limit

-Target by radius

-Target by vehicle types


Client owns any and all PPC accounts created.

Management Fee: 13% of ad budget.

—85% goes toward actual ad spent.

Minimal monthly budget is $1500.

Month to month service.

Funds to be collected at start of campaign.

Main ad platform is Google Adwords. Bing and Yahoo maybe add if budget allows.

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