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Martin Rocha, Director of Marketing from Datamark Inc.

“Tony Ly is without a doubt, the most knowledgeable person to work with when it comes to internet marketing, specifically SEO. His attitude is always positive, energetic, honest and transparent. I have obtained impressive results with him in several companies i have managed throughout the years and still do!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!"

Martin was Tony's client




Robin Wilson, Managing Partner from Social Climber Pro Auto

“Working with Tony Ly has been a great experience. Tony know more about digital as it pertains to SEO and the automotive industry than anyone I know. He is a true professional and has no problems working alongside other professionals in complimentary fields."

Robin was with another company when working with Tony




Noel Graham, Sales Manager from Internet Brands/

“Tony was always on top when he worked for me. He was the guy that everyone competed against if they wanted to be number one. He is incredibly driven and focused. Excellent work ethic! He also has an understanding of consumer behvior and customer service that most people never achieve in their careers. I never saw myself so much as Tony's boss . I always felt more like a peer on his support staff. He's a passionate individual with a love for life and a true loyalty to his close friends and colleagues. I'd gladly work with (or even for) Tony in a heartbeat!"

Noel managed Tony and a client




Bill Playford, Director of Retail Operations from Trilogy

“Tony Ly is a fantastic teammate, and an accomplished sales professional. His tenacity is matched only by his desire for total customer satisfaction. He is always willing to share his wisdom, and eager to learn from others. Most of all, Tony makes the workplace fun. He would be a great addition to any team."

Bill worked directly with Tony




John Gottschalk, Director of Sales & Finance Operations from Trilogy

“Tony has a passion for life. Meeting and working with Tony inspires everyone around him to be the best they can be. I can truly say that he has changed my life in a positive way and would make a great addition to any sales team. Tony brought to our team a depth of knowledge and experience about eCommerce that allowed us to achieve unparalleled goals. Tony everyday gave his all to exceed expectations of his fellow employees and his customers."

John managed Tony




Scott Brighton, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development from Trilogy

“Tony was one of our first hires in building a new automotive Internet company, and to this day he remains among the finest. Infectious enthusiasm, unwavering effort and optimism, and an ability to consistently deliver even in the most trying of circumstances. Tony is a great salesman and an even better person."

Scott managed Tony




Ben Cohen, Executive Director from Trilogy

“Tony is an extremely dedicated and innovative deal maker. He is a go-getter and full of passion for the job that he does."

Ben managed Tony




Ajay Ohri, Product Engineer from DecisionStats

“Tony is a smart and enthusiastic marketing manager. He works with tremendous creativity, and helps find ways to succeed in difficult economic conditions. His out of the box thinking is amazing and so is his boundless energy. He is also very good with people, striking up rapport and making connections adding to the formidable network he already has. Tony Ly is a great guy to do business with, to have in your team and a great human being to interact with."

Ajay worked with Tony




David Bailey, Innovation Manager from Trilogy

“I work with Tony has Trilogy rolled out it SmartLeads program. The program was innovative and new for our clients. Tony's passion and dedication to excellence moved the sales effort from early adopters to mainstream."

David managed Tony




Kent Cunningham, Director of Business Development from National Positions

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Tony Ly. Tony is a true professional in his approach to business and the professionalism that he brings to client's is quite unique. His dedication and attention to detail for getting it right for the client is inspiriting to say the least. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tony. I highly recommend Tony Ly as a colleague, and I am proud to call him my friend."

Ben managed Tony




Joe Webb, President from DealerKnows Consulting

“Tony Ly's acumen of search engine optimization tactics is among the top in his field. Coupled with his understanding of the intricacies of automotive retail, it only makes his knowledge on the topic more dangerous. Also, for a computer guy , he is far more personable than the normal vendors calling on car dealers. It is for this reason that I give Tony my highest recommendation and top it off with a high-five and chest pump."

Joe was with another company when working with Tony




Nathan Greenberg, Director of Marketing from Moss Bros. Auto Group

“It was a pleasure working with Tony, even when we disagreed on strategy. His field knowledge and experience make him an excellent adviser and a valued asset. Tony provided courteous customer support and team leadership which enabled us to achieve far greater success on an extremely complicated SEO project involving more than a dozen websites. He is a resource to National Positions and the clients with whom he works."

Nathan was Tony's client




Chris Lang, Founder/CEO from The LNG Company

“Tony is the most knowledgeable person in marketing that I have ever worked with. When you may start over thinking a solution Tony has the ability to always bring it back to conversions and return on investment. His thinking has influenced my decisions of working with my clients on a daily basis. His leadership through serving everyone round him is what inspires me to become not only a better service provider but also as a man."

Chris was with another company when working with Tony




Samone Kopca, Executive Assistant from Front Range Honda

“Tony is very knowledgeable in the Automotive field. I highly recommend him and it was a pleasure to have worked with him."

Samone was with another company when working with Tony




14 Recommendations


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