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Collaborative Social Media Proposal:


Our view of social media marketing is that it’s a collaborative effort between the business’s marketing manager and us, your 3rd party social media team. We know managing social media can be time-consuming and does require some level of know-how and efforts. In many cases, your marketing manager may be better served running your day-to-day business and let us perform the basic social media tasks. However, your team may have a greater understanding of your customers, community industry than we do.


Our proposed Social Media services is that we actively post highly relevant contents that promotes your business, products and services. We’ll be informative on relevant news to your business including what’s locally relevant. Our suggestion, when possible guide us on content topics and themes. We find the collaborative social media effort between you, the business operator and us to be highly efficient and effective on both used of resources and meeting the social media basic goals.  


Types Of Social Media Topics and Theme We Post:


Promote: website, products, services, specials, positive news

Cross promote area that helps elevate the branding

News and information from the OEM, manufacturers, service provider

Local news that are are either positive or neutral

Interests: sports, festivals,  

Client’s Content Sources and other social media profile


Delivery and Expectations:


Weekly deliverables: 4-6 post a week

Each social media network will have at least 50% unique postings in a week’s post  

Social Media guidelines established and followed

Account Set-up: no charge

Natural reach only. Ads not included

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